• Format. 35mm* 
  • Ratio. 1.37:1 (Academy aspect ratio) 
  • Duration. 10.47

Using personal recordings discovered on a dictaphone owned by my Grandad (John Price) following his death, the project explores the themes of absence and isolation. The recordings were made while he lived by himself as a widower.

The audio recordings detailing the monotony of his daily activities is embodied by a teenage boy on a single shot equal to the films duration. The boy walks areas of Tottenham reservoir system in North London close to where my Grandad grew up some 90 years earlier. His isolation in the landscape is mirrored in the tone and context of the recordings.

The boy throws a football up while walking. Usually a sport of collectiveness, we observe him at this moment in time by himself.

*This film was originally created for installation to play on a projected loop.