Blue Skies introduces Blue Lab Beats and music from their forthcoming EP, Blue Skies. The film profiles a small but tight-knit group of musicians on the London scene who’ve grown up listening to grime, hip hop and neo-soul as much as the jazz greats. It's a London thing!

Premiered on Dazed. Full article here

Artists Featured. Blue Lab Beat, Sumo Chief & Coops, Theon Cross Trio (Theon Cross, Moses Boyd, Nubya Garcia), Savannah Small, Femi Koleosco, Dylan Jones, Sheldon Agwu.

Director. Jon E Price 
Producer. Chanse Fyffe
Exec. Jamie Clark
DOP. John Fisher 
Editor. Elise Butt

AC. Jono Moore
Steadicam. Doug Walshe
Sound Recordist. Don nelson
Additional Camera. Jon E Price & Andy Pilsbury
Art Department. Jenny Gardiner 
Editing Company. Trim Editing 
Edit Producer. Tatyana Alexandra
Post Production. Times Based Arts
Colourist. Jack Mgnity
Sound Designer. Adam Smyth
Titles. Kipp Jones
Production Company. MyAccomplice