It's an uncertain time for British Basketball following the London 2012 Olympics, with national funding for the professional sport being phased out by UK Sport, due to lack of medals at international games.

Madness, for a sport which has the largest participation behind football in the Uk for youth between 14 and 18.

Underneath The Noise explores the dedication and personal drive that young players across the city have deep-rooted in them for the game. A game heavily dominated by the states and mainland Europe. Basketball rarely features on school curriculum outside of cities in the UK, nor is it considered nationally as the secondary sport. However, it still has a huge nationwide participation and and a loyal fan base with a fierce London street ball scene.

This film is an ode and celebration of British basketball, testament of proof that the cuts doesn't phase those with a real hunger for the sport, with a protagonist at the heart of it.

Release date, early July.